Building a Strong Norfolk Economy

We believe that thriving business and industrial sectors are key drivers of prosperity for communities up and down Norfolk.

Industrial buildingsFor too long , political leaders on the County Council have lacked the vision and ambition required to tap Norfolk's full potential.

If elected this May, we will:

Create More Jobs for Local People

By creating industrial zones for manufacturing, agricultural and environmental tech businesses in order to stimulate growth and provide better job opportunities right on our doorstep.

Help Norfolk Businesses Grow

By providing a tailored management training programme for our key sectors to help aid growth and productivity and focus on business efficiencies that can help add 5% on to their net profit.

Install 100% Superfast BroadbandPhone Mast

By working to achieve 100% superfast fibre coverage across Norfolk, and fighting to make Norfolk a national leader in rural mobile phone connectivity.

Suzanne Nuri-Nixon, Liberal Democrat candidate for Wymondham says, "I know of too many people who are forced to leave Norfolk, the place they call home, because there simply aren't the jobs. We will work to change this."

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