Care Homes residents deserve better leadership from Norfolk County Council

Liberal Democrat Councillor Dan Roper asked Norfolk County Council's Cabinet - "With half of the deaths from Covid 19 being in care homes, residents having to be socially isolated for months and even now only being allowed to see one constant visitor what do you think should be done to improve the quality of life for care home residents?"

Amnesty International has said that the national care homes policies have violated care homes residents human rights, violating their right to health and potentially their right to life.

This National guidance has put huge restrictions on care homes residents on the number of visits they can have and the quality of life that they can enjoy.

Dan Roper said, “People in Care Homes should be treated with all the care and dignity they deserve. There is immense strain being placed on them due to the Covid crisis."

Dan Roper added, “Norfolk County Council is not showing the leadership it should on this issue. The work that is being done by those care homes that are showing initiative and delivering good practise should be being rolled out across Norfolk. Yet the Council is silent."

Dan said, “It is going to be a harder and harsher winter than it needs to be for care home residents unless Norfolk County Council shows far better leadership and delivers better practise.”


Amnesty International article -

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