Dave Thomas

Drayton and Horsford Seat

Dave has lived and worked in Norwich for the last 12 years and currently lives with his partner in Old Catton. Currently working for an Accountancy firm as a Sales Manager and also an elected Broadland District Councillor.

Dave moved to Norfolk when he was 4, moving from Essex and grew up in Carbrooke near Watton and stayed ever since.

Active in Norfolk with Mental Health campaigns and volunteering at his local Running Club as a coach and with the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust speaking about his experiences with Physical and Mental Health, Dave is always keen to help and support people however he can.

Joining the Liberal Democrats in 2003 at the height of the Iraq war protests amid the feeling that something wasn’t right and legal about what as happening, these days having been proved right!

Dave is wanting to make things more equal within the UK, too often where you are born dictates what you might be able to achieve and that needs to be addressed urgently. Aspiration should never be influenced by where you live, all children deserve an equal chance, a level playing field.

The environment is another huge concern, with yearly corrections to forecasts on melting ice, temperatures and danger to wildlife across the globe its time we took a universal approach to dealing with how we treat the Earth, our home.

Lastly Brexit, Dave is pro-European but recognises that the EU wasn’t perfect but is still the best deal on the table. He would rather be in the EU fighting to change it for the better than be on the outside looking in without any influence.

Every pound you can donate will help me make sure the people of Drayton and Horsford have their voices heard on May 6th.

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To contact Dave please telephone 07903 820140 or email [email protected]

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