Justice for Disability Network Norfolk

We are delighted that the Disability Network Norfolk have been successful in their legal challenge against the reductions in the Minimum Income Guarantee (the amount which the Council says someone is “allowed” to keep to live on after charges for support services are taken from their benefits) by Norfolk County Council.

Steffan AquaroneLiberal Democrat Steff Aquarone said: “Ever since the Conservatives took charge at County Hall, the heaviest budget cuts have fallen on the people who need the most help. Their Victorian view is appalling and doesn't fit into a modern society.”

“They have forced people with disabilities to have to fight for two years, with the time and expense of going to court, to get the right to be treated as we would all expect - to live a normal life. The Council says it wants people to live independently but then withdraws the money that enables them to do so.”

“It feels like the administration is almost principally opposed to the idea of those with the greatest need getting more support.  Yet they seem to be able to find the money to increase Diasbilities_groupcouncillors’ allowances whilst cutting services and raising Council tax by the highest amount possible each year for the last 3 years.

“Our commitment in the 2021 County Council elections is, as part of any administration, we will insist that the minimum income guarantee cuts are reversed and that the income levels keep pace with inflation. But just as importantly, we would give the Council’s front-line staff the time and freedom to focus on building the individual resilience of their clients, not short-term cost-savings that are so destructive and bring greater longer term costs.”

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