How much more can those who need our help take?

The Care Act 2014 makes it clear that local authorities must provide or arrange services that help prevent people from developing care and support needs, or at the very least attempt to delay the deterioration that leaves people dependent on care.

WaitingYet once again, Norfolk Conservatives are proposing to slash social care budgets: next year another £17.7 million will be cut, meaning social care is again shouldering nearly half of the council’s overall cuts.

Liberal Democrat Steff Aquarone said: “Ever since the Conservatives took charge at County Hall, the heaviest budget cuts have fallen on the people who need the most help, and are least able to cope with the financial consequences of service reduction.”

“The long term costs of this approach are staggering. It will mean a continuing financial burden on all of us with the highest rises in Council tax possible for years to come, as the Conservatives have done each year for the last 3 years.”

It has now reached the point where people are questioning whether the conservative-controlled council is even providing what it is required to by law.

“It feels like the administration is almost principally opposed to the idea of those with the greatest need getting more support.  Yet they seem to be able to find the money to increase councillors’ allowances: by the time we get to the election next May this pay rise will have cost more than the amount they’ll save with their plan to reduce community librarians.”

“What Norfolk needs is a transformation in how Adult Social Care is provided, putting the people who need the services at the heart of how they’re delivered, and looking at each individual’s needs over the long term - especially in the vital area of prevention which could also save huge amounts of money!”


Note: Report to Norfolk County Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee 21 October 2020 item 10 - Strategic and Financial Planning 2021-22

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