January News Round Up

Latest responses from Lib Dem spokesmen to actions by Norfolk County Council.

People and Communities

Tim Adams, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson, responds to the report to today’s People and Communities Select Committee meeting on Post 16 Education.

“Lack of post 16 education facilities leaves young people stranded. As an increasing number of training providers collapse and with the number of young people going into apprenticeship falling dramatically during last year this is another area where young people’s lives have been hit hard by the Covid pandemic.

Young people need some hope for the post Covid world but for the last 4 years, Norfolk’s rate for creating new jobs has fallen year on year and the level of wages are well below regional and national averages. Something new is needed.

Norfolk needs vision, ambition and leadership. Our overall economy was already falling well behind before coronavirus. Norfolk is full of untapped potential and needs an administration at County Hall that is prepared to deal with the issues that will help to unlock our potential such as the current excessive travel to learn distances.

The report on Post 16 Education - Summary Report at today’s People and Communities Select Committee can be viewed here -



Flooding Issues

Steff Aquarone, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Norfolk County Council responds to the report to today’s Council’s Scrutiny Committee meeting on Norfolk County Council’s response to the December 2020 Flooding Event.

“We want to express our thanks to the emergency staff and county council staff for all their work in helping people who have been affected by the recent flooding. For those people who have been affected it can be devastating especially during a Christmas in lock down. 

Yet within the County Council administration this issue, like economic development, seems to have been a low priority for a long time. The shocking scenes from across Norfolk over Christmas mean it has made it onto the table, but why did it take so long?

We’re likely to see more flooding as climate change fundamentally alters the way macro weather cycles work. Just repairing and protecting certain areas is not a long-term solution.

We need a county council that can lead a joined-up strategy: investing in environmentally sustainable flood prevention work whilst recognising that biodiversity, rewilding and sustainable land management are powerful ways of reducing flood risk as well as repairing the damage done to our environment.”


Norfolk County Council Budget 2021-2022

Steff Aquarone, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Norfolk County Council responds to the report to the Council’s Cabinet meeting on the Norfolk County Council’s Revenue Budget 2021-22 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021-25.

“The Conservatives at County Hall will have increased Council tax by 18% over the last 5 years whilst they have cut services savagely often to those people who are in the most need of help.Council Tax is an awful regressive tax. Someone living in a property worth £100,000 pays around five times as much council tax relative to property value as someone living in a property worth £1m.

Yet the Council is stuck with it. The Government has for a while now wanted to shift the tax burden to local authorities and expects them to increase council tax. The Conservatives have become the "party of council tax."

Note – The Council Tax for average Band “D” property in 2021-22 will be £1,472.94 compared to £1,247.94 in 2017/18 which is an 18% increase.


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