Mark Foley

Elmham and Mattishall seat

Age 60 retired solicitor previously working in Kings Lynn, Downham Market, Norwich and self-employed from home.

Married no kids. Lived in Norfolk since 1994 in Kings Lynn, Great Bircham, Dereham, Sparham. Keen dinghy sailor on the north Norfolk coast. Liberal Democrat since 2017.

I've long viewed the UK electoral system as flawed and bound to fail. "First past the post" voting and a House Of Lords is simply inadequate in the 21st century. No government except the Coalition 2010 - 2015 ever had a majority vote for it.

Since 1st January 2021 food export has collapsed due to the Conservative Brexit agreement. How does Norfolk make its living? Through food production; its farms, food processing factories, poultry and meat producers, its agricultural and life sciences knowledge base.

Because of Conservative ignorance and negligence in leaving the European Union, Norfolk faces a very difficult future. If the future of Norfolk is left to the Conservatives, it's clear they don't have the wit to pursue a successful strategy for Norfolk.

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