Richard Moore

Wroxham Seat

My name is Richard Moore and I am the Liberal Democrat Candidate for the Wroxham Division. I live nearby in Aylsham and have a background in Energy and the Environment. I have worked to provide energy in environmentally friendly ways since the 1980s. First, as an engineer, helping to halve the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions by replacing coal with cleaner-burning gas. Then on strategy and policy for the transition to renewable energies such as wind and solar and how to transport and store power.

Energy underpins our modern society but it’s imperative to preserve the natural environment while keeping the lights on and the wheels turning. This can be done by applying a combination of common sense and ingenuity, faster and more effectively than our current Government and Council’s approach as they pay lip-service to it and kick the problem down the road for our children to inherit. I am pushing for the most immediate and effective first step here in Norfolk: that we properly insulate our homes which will also create many local jobs.

I often cycle or take the bus and drive an electric car charged in part from the solar panels on my roof. But I’m lucky, living in a town with some public transport links. The network needs to be extended so that our villages have access to the towns and onwards whether for health-care, shopping, studying or work.

I retired two years ago and am now involved in a number of neighbourhood projects from chairing a local community sports club to making and delivering meals-on-wheels to elderly people isolating due to Covid. I watched with dismay as the Sure-Start pre-school clubs were dismantled by the Conservative administration and know that the way forward after the pandemic is to really champion all that we value for our children, our families and our elderly. To truly value our carers and frontline workers who are the cornerstones of our society. And to support, re-establish and grow local businesses that provide so many local jobs.

But our Council Tax goes up while services go down. We currently have a Council that talks fine words but does little for us normal people in Norfolk and it’s time for a change. It’s time for the people of Norfolk to rise up and vote for a fresh start!

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