Wendy Fredericks

Mundesley Seat

Dear fellow resident. 
My name is Wendy Fredericks and I am the District Councillor for Mundesley Ward for North Norfolk District Council. In addition I’m a wife, mum of two boys and a remedial massage therapist. I like to keep busy!  I have enjoyed living and working in Mundesley for 24 years now!
This May I am standing for County Councillor to represent your village, where you will be invited to vote. As a passionate empower of people, working within and for the community is really important to me. Not leading from the top but supporting people to live the life they aspire too. 
Recently the Mundesley Parish Council clerk and I set up Mundesley Cares. This is an organisation of 75 volunteers helping in the midst of the Covid 19 epidemic. I also help with the weekly community larder, which was born out of the need to supply good food to the village and surrounding communities when we all had to isolate in lockdown. It now serves over 50 households each Friday morning at All Saints’ Community Rooms 8:30-10:30. We now tackle food waste by collecting unsold and surplus produce to distribute.  
Before that I helped raise funds and complete the play areas in Gold Park Mundesley. That is where I met Sir Norman Lamb, even getting him to agree to hanging on to the zip wire to celebrate the completion. He asked me then if I would stand for local government. At the time my children were too small and I always have to give everything 100% of my attention.  
A couple of years ago I helped set up the dementia friendly cafe in Mundesley. At the opening Sir Norman officiated and he asked me again to stand for the 2019 district council election. I agreed. Being a churchwarden and community activist could only do so much for people. In May 2019 I was elected to District Councillor. We, as a Libdem District Council, are committed to working for the local people; providing homes, jobs and looking after people’s mental health.
I asked Sir Norman if he would say a couple of sentences in support; “I strongly endorse Wendy to be your county councillor. She is an outstanding campaigner.  I was so impressed by the way she worked with others to ensure that vulnerable people were supported during the first lockdown.  She works so hard.  Wendy would be a fantastic representative for the Mundesley division on the County Council.” 
Being a County Councillor I will carry your voice and influence Child and Adult Social care, transport and education etc. 
Please consider voting for me in May. We want our voices to be heard, reminding County that we are important, we want our villages represented when policies are made. We want our say in how our Council Tax is spent and where.

On 6th May, the people of Norfolk will get to decide who represents them on the County Council. 

Can you help get Wendy elected? Click here to donate to their campaign! 

To contact Wendy please telephone 07794 624067 or email [email protected]



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